You want an eco-friendly, organic mattress for your health, so naturally, you would want the same for your baby. Most conventional crib mattresses sold in Bristol present risks that could hinder your baby’s sleep, or affect their health.  That’s why you should consider an organic all natural mattress for your precious little one.


Just the same as full size adult mattresses, conventional crib mattresses contain polyurethane foam, which is an extremely flammable material.  In order to pass safety standards, mattresses containing polyurethane must be treated with flame-retardant chemicals.  These chemicals slowly leak out of the mattress over time, a process known as “off-gassing”.  What’s scary is that these chemicals are being released into your home affecting your entire family, especially your infant who sleeps on that mattress up to 17 hours a day when they first arrive home from the hospital.


My Green Mattress offers a great natural alternative to the conventional crib mattress that is just as affordable as their full size mattresses. Natural materials like organic cotton and wool layered over an innerspring, makes their crib mattress perfect for your precious little one.


The Emily natural crib mattress was developed by Tim Masters, the founder of My Green Mattress. It’s aptly named after his daughter, Emily, who suffered from eczema and allergies shortly after she was born. The Emily natural crib mattress is both GREENGUARD Gold Certified and GOTS certified, along with Oeko-Tex certified American Eco-wool sewn in. The wool used in the quilted cover of the mattress acts as a natural flame barrier, therefore eliminating the need of dangerous flame retardant chemicals.

Wool is also naturally resistant to mold, mildew and dust mites, and dust mites are asthma’s number one enemy.  If your baby sleeps on a traditional crib mattress, that mattress is likely to collect dust mites that irritate their delicate skin and breathing. The Emily natural crib mattress’s quilted cover helps prevent this. Emily’s natural crib mattress also uses only organic cotton. Cotton is typically treated with toxic pesticides and fertilizers that are damaging to the environment.  My Green Mattress uses only organic cotton, which not only eliminates the toxic chemicals from their mattress, it also benefits the soil and the quality of the cotton.


The Emily natural crib mattress is made with heavyweight organic cotton batting, has a heavy duty 150 coil innerspring with supportive edge, fits snug inside your crib, and is double-sided so it can be flipped. My Green Mattress offers free shipping for its crib mattress within the continental United States. It comes with a 10 year warranty and a 100 night comfort guarantee.


An organic crib mattress can benefit not only your baby’s health, but the environment as well.  Knowing that your baby is sleeping safe and sound is such a comforting feeling, and an organic mattress is just one more thing you can provide for your baby to improve their sleep, and your piece of mind.

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